‘Odysseus’ – Galway Arts Festival 14th – 28th July

The ‘Odyssey’ is perhaps the least well known of the Greek epics. Although most people know about the Cyclops and the Sirens, the overall narrative is not familiar. It is after all a strange narrative; a homecoming story with major diversions, the tale of a revenge that is delayed almost to the last moment. When I came to read Homer quite late in life, I found something that could be an adventure story to a schoolboy, a set of case studies for a risk analyst, or a handbook for a man going through a mid-life crisis. As Tennyson and Cavafy both observed in their poems on the subject, the real interest is in the diversions, the series of trials and adventures Odysseus goes through on his journey back to Ithaca.

This has prompted me to use a format that I might call: ‘the museum as medium’ where a disparate collection of images and objects designed to work as individual pieces, are brought together to construct an overall picture. The job is not complete, I am still on the journey, but that resonates with Cavafy’s injunction to “not hurry the voyage at all”.

I have various things, new and old, going on display soon. Apart from the ‘Odysseus’ show in Galway, a porcelain plate exhibition in Dublin opens this month, as does the new display space at the Imperial War Museum with my ‘Sectarian Armour’ from 1995. The Ulster Museum finally got around to doing an ‘Art of the Troubles’ exhibition and have included 4 early works of mine borrowed from Wolverhampton Art Gallery, one of the few specialist collections of contemporary art from N. Ireland.

Galway International Arts Festival
The Irish Times
Scan of The Irish Times

Wallpaper – Artist’s Interior Worlds – London Design Festival
Gay Byrne Wallpaper Image

‘Art of the Troubles’ – to Sept 7th. Ulster Museum, Belfast
Imperial War Museum – new displays open July 17th.
‘Meditation on Plates’ – Casino at Marino, Dublin, July 12th to Oct. 31st.


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